Salman Abbas

Fine artist who was born in Baghdad 1945 and belonged to pioneer generation. Salman knowns for his technique to employ the Baghdadi and traditional vocabulary that represent his belonging. Salman also was able to mix the vocabulary with the Arabic letter and calligraphy.

الفنان سلمان عباس

فنان ورسام  تشكيلي من جيل الرواد ولد في بغداد عام  1945  يمتاز بتكنيك عالي في توظيف  المفردات البغداديه والتراثيه التي تمثل انتمائه كما استطاع ان يمزج المفردات مع الخط والحرف العربي

salman abbas 03

salman abbas 03
150 x 90 cm
oil on woodboard

salman abbas 02

salman abbas 02
100 x 100 cm
oil on canvas

salman abbas 01

salman abbas 01
60 x 90 cm
oil on woodboard

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